Tashkent plant established 20 November 1941 on arrival of first elements of GAZ-84 (formed 1932 and incorporaring Polikarpov from 1936) evacuated from Khimki, Moscow. Enterprise, dating from 1972 in current form, is said to be the largest aircraft manufacturing centre on the Asian continent. It comprises five plants at Tashkent, Andizhan and Fergana. Total of over 7,000 aircraft built, including I-15s, I-16s, I-153s, Li-2s (total 2,258), Il-14s, An-8s, Ka-22s, An-12s, An-22s, Il-76s and Il-114s. It has manufactured wing centre-sections for the An-124 and An-225 transports and two An-70 prototypes, and has repaired MiG and Sukhoi fighters and Tu-22M bombers. It developed the Il-78 tanker version and collaborated with Beriev on the A-50 AEW derivative of the Il-76.
TAPO was registered as a joint stock company in May 1996; the state holds 82.7 per cent, National Bank of Foreign Economic Activity 6.7 per cent and employees 10.6 per cent. An attempt in 1997 to sell 14 per cent of the company was unsuccessful; by mid-1998, offers were being inverted for a 25 per cent share, but no acceptances have been reported. Company began airbrake manufacture for Avro RJ in 1997; this now discontinued. Following April 2000 foundation of Ilyushin International Aviation Company, TAPO expected to join forces with design bureau responsible for the production of aircraft at that time. But these plans were not destined to come true. The production of Il-76 aircraft was transferred to the Aviastar plant in Russia.
The enterprise declared bankruptcy in September 2010 and was planning to end all aircraft production in 2012 with the external management procedure was terminated in November 2013 after settling with its creditors in October. The plant renamed as "Tashkent Mechanical Plant" on 1 January 2014 and resume operation as legal entity on 24 January 2014. Then the company exited aircraft production in 2015, but retaining aircraft parts, components production and aviation MRO services.

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  • Address: ulitsa Elbek 61, 100016 Tashkent
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