TYPE: Single-seat ultralight biplane kitbuilt.

PROGRAMME: Prototype (N666RC) first flown 12 August 1996. Nominated Champion at Arlington 1997 and Grand Champion two years later; further awards at AirVenture, Oshkosh, in 1997 and 2002. Kit available to order from July 2003 and will ship early 2004. Pronounced 'my fighter'.

COSTS: Kit US$14,995, excluding engine, propeller and instruments (2003). Spoked wheels, dummy bombs, flowing white scarf and machine guns optional.

DESIGN FEATURES: Based on Fokker biplane, with third lifting surface between wheels but with same aerofoil as Avid series. Two-bay wings with N-type interplane struts. Quoted build time 650 to 850 hours. Cross-axle lifting surface has Clark 23012 airfoil and is free-floating to accommodate landing gear movement during take-off and landing.

FLYING CONTROLS: Conventional and manual. Large, horn-balanced rudder. Ailerons on both mainplanes.

STRUCTURE: Fuselage of 4130 welded steel tube; wood and 6061-T6 steel wing. Both covered in Stits Polyfiber. Glass fibre nose cowling and wingtips.

POWER PLANT: One piston engine of between 48.5 and 55.9 kW (65 and 75 hp); prototype has inverted 47.0 kW (63.1 hp) Rotax 532 with radiator installed vertically under louvered top cowling.

LANDING GEAR: Tailwheel type; fixed. Main wheels are 35 cm (14 in) with heavy-duty spokes; 51 cm (20 in) Cheng Shin tyres 17 cm (7 in) Matro tailwheel on prototype; kit aircraft will have 13 cm (5 in) version.

EQUIPMENT: Two fake 7.92 mm Spandau machine guns mounted forward of cockpit.