TYPE: Two-seat kitbuilt twin.

PROGRAMME: Developed from the Star Flight XC280 Stiletto, which first flew January 1997. A single-engined version is known as the Super Solution 2000.

CUSTOMERS: Over 400 of both single- and twin-engined versions are flying. Some used for crop-spraying.

COSTS: Kit US44,995, or US$85,000 with full spray equipment (2002).

DESIGN FEATURES: Two pusher engines mounted side by side at rear of fuselage; propellers partly overlap and rotate in same direction. Wings have full length leading-edge slats and are removable for storage. Quoted build time 250 hours.

FLYING CONTROLS: Conventional and manual. Actuation by stainless steel cables. Leading-edge slats, Frise ailerons, slotted flaps and horn-balanced rudder.

STRUCTURE: 4130 steel and aluminium tubing throughout; fabric-covered V-braced wings and composites fuselage skin; braced tailplane. Extended wings are optional. Cabin enclosure removable.

LANDING GEAR: Fixed; choice of nose- or tailwheel versions; no brakes; wheel size 152 mm (6 in). Steerable nosewheel on tricycle model.

POWER PLANT: Two engines, each between 37.3 and 74.6 kW (50 and 100 hp); 48.5 kW (65 hp) Hirth 2706 engines are recommended. Fuel capacity 75.7 litres (20.0 US gallons; 16.7 Imp gallons).

EQUIPMENT: Crop-spraying kit includes 189 litre (50.0 US gallon; 41.6 Imp gallon) chemical tank and 8.23 m (27 ft) sprayboom with 16 nozzles. Swath width 16.76 m (55 ft).