TYPE: Tandem-seat turboprop sportplane kitbuilt.

PROGRAMME: First aircraft flew 23 August 2002. Further example made public debut at Sun 'n' Fun in April 2002 in disassembled state.

CURRENT VERSIONS: TD-2: Baseline version; unpressurised.
TD-2P: Pressurised version. Prototype to this standard.
TD-4: Proposed four-seat version with widened fuselage.

DESIGN FEATURES: Optimised for private owner-builder, requiring high performance; suitable for aerobatics or touring. Low wing with winglets; deep centre fuselage; mid-mounted tailplane. Wing sweep at quarter-chord 0°; taper ratio 0.54; fin sweepback 36° 35'.

FLYING CONTROLS: Conventional and manual. Fowler flaps.

STRUCTURE: Carbon fibre throughout; epoxy bonding. Two-spar wing; monocoque fuselage with oval reinforcement frame behind cockpit.

LANDING GEAR: Tricycle type, retractable.

POWER PLANT: One 560 kW (751 shp) Walter M 601 Turboprop driving a five-blade, variable-pitch Avia propeller. Fuel in wing tanks, normal capacity 613 litres (162 US gallons; 135 Imp gallons); optional capacity 719 litres (190 US gallons; 158 Imp gallons).

ACCOMMODATION: Two persons in tandem, rear seat raised 15 cm (6 in), beneath single-piece canopy. Cockpit pressurised.