TYPE: Two-seat kitbuilt twin.

PROGRAMME: Introduced in 2000; based on Genesis/Revelation with 98 per cent commonality of parts; withdrawn from product line in 2003 for redesign of cowling and front-mounted engine; due to be reintroduced in mid-2004 as the Defiance.

CUSTOMERS: Four flying by mid-2002.

COSTS: US$22,995 with Rotax 503E engines (2002).

DESIGN FEATURES: Two in-line engines, with counter-rotating propellers, mounted on front and back of wing; layout simplifies single-engine handling. Quoted build time 325 hours.

Data as Genesis, except that below.

POWER PLANT: Two 39.3 kW (52.7 hp) Rotax 503E engines in push/pull layout. Fuel capacity 151 litres (40.0 US gallons; 33.3 Imp gallons).