TYPE: Four-seat lightplane.

PROGRAMME: Derived from Cherokee Archer II, but with retractable landing gear, more powerful engine and untapered wings of 1975 PA-28-180 Archer, replaced original retractable gear Cherokee, the PA-28R Arrow 180, which had first flown 1 February 1967; PA-28R-201 Arrow III with increased span, tapered wings first flown 16 September 1975; first production aircraft 7 January 1977; new Arrow IV and Turbo Arrow IV models introduced 1979 with all-moving T tails; these subsequently discontinued and earlier low-tail Arrow III model restored to production.

CUSTOMERS: Seven delivered in 1996, two in 1997, two in 1998, six in 1999, 18 in 2000, 23 in 2001, 26 in 2002, and 15 in the first nine months of 2003. Recent customers include the University of North Dakota, which ordered one in April 2003.

Description of Archer III applies also to Arrow except as follows:

COSTS: Standard, equipped US$271,600 (2003).

LANDING GEAR: Tricycle type, retracted hydraulically with an electrically operated pump supplying the hydraulic pressure. Main units retract inward into wings, nose unit rearward. All units fitted with oleo-pneumatic shock-absorbers. Mainwheels and tyres size 6.00-6 (6 ply), pressure 2.07 bar (30 lb/sq in). Nosewheel and tyre size 5.00-5 (4 ply), pressure 1.86 bar (27 lb/sq in). High-capacity dual hydraulic disc brakes and parking brake.

POWER PLANT: One 149 kW (200 hp) Textron Lycoming IO-360-C1C6 flat-four engine, driving a McCauley two-blade constant-speed metal propeller. Fuel tanks in wing leading-edges with total capacity of 291 litres (77.0 US gallons; 64.1 Imp gallons), of which 273 litres (72.0 US gallons; 60.0 Imp gallons) are usable. Oil capacity 7.5 litres (2.0 US gallons; 1.7 Imp gallons).

SYSTEMS: Generally as for Archer III and Warrior III except for electrohydraulic system for landing gear actuation.

AVIONICS: Standard and Deluxe avionics packages by Garmin, as described.
Comms: Standard package comprises Garmin GNS 430 com/nav/GPS, GMA 340 audio with marker beacon receiver and intercom, GTX-327, Telex 100T noise cancelling microphone and Telex Airman 760 headset. DeLuxe package adds second GNS 430.
Flight: Standard package comprises single GI-106A VOR/LOC/GSA/GPS indicator. DeLuxe package adds second GI-106A and VOR/LOC/GPS/HSI indicator with slaved compass system, replacing standard directional gyro. Optional equipment includes S-Tec System 55X dual-axis autopilot with automatic electric trim, turn indicator and DG with heading bug; ADI; DME 45; and RCR 650D ADF with IND-650A indicator.

EQUIPMENT: Generally as for Warrior III and Archer III.