The 5151 Mustang is an approximate ¾-scale representation of a Second World War North American P-51 Mustang fighter, offered in kit form under the Experimental category regulations. Construction time is approximately 400-500 working hours. A series of 11 partial kits are also available to help spread costs.
The prototype flew for the first time on 30 January 1986. The standard kit is for the non-retractable landing gear model but retractable gear is optional (as the 5151RG). Other optional items include auxiliary fuel tanks, brakes, remote/electric starter, custom upholstery, custom dorsal fin, moulded wing and tail tips, electric elevator trim, ballistic parachute, and a range of avionics and other equipment.

TYPE: Single-seat homebuilt aircraft.

AIRFRAME: Cantilever low-wing monoplane. Constructed primarily of wood, with both conventional and geodetic structures. The whole assembly is glued together, using a T-88 epoxy, and is fabric covered. NACA 44 series wing section Three-axis control. Non-retractable or optional retractable landing gear. Optional brakes.

POWER PLANT: One 34 kW (46 hp) Rotax 503 on 5151 Mustang; Rotax 503 or 48.5 kW (65 hp) 582 on 5151RG Mustang. Standard fuel capacity 19 litres (5 US gallons; 4.2 Imp gallons). Optional 49 litres (13 US gallons; 10.8 Imp gallons) using two 15 litre (4 US gallon; 3.33 Imp gallon) auxiliary tanks in wings.