TYPE: Business jet.

PROGRAMME: Announced at Farnborough International Air Show 21 July 2002 as replacement for Learjet 31A. Prototype (N40LX, converted from Learjet 45 prototype) first flight 31 August 2002, immediately followed by first production aircraft (45-2001/N40LJ) 5 September. Public debut (N40LJ) and formal launch at NBAA Convention, Orlando, Florida, 10 September 2002; prototype and first production aircraft undertook flight test programme, leading to FAA certification on 11 July 2003, (and award of first airworthiness certificate to N40LJ on 18 September 2003), followed by JAA certification and service entry in first quarter 2004.

COSTS: Approximately US$6.915 (2004).

DESIGN FEATURES: Generally as for Learjet 45, but fuselage shortened by 0.62 m (2 ft 0½ in) forward of wing, three cabin windows removed and capacity of fuselage fuel tank reduced.

POWER PLANT: As Learjet 45.

ACCOMMODATION: Two crew and up to seven passengers in forward club arrangement with galley on starboard side at front of cabin and full-width lavatory at rear. Compared with Learjet 45, cabin features redesigned seats that are 5 cm (2 in) wider and increase legroom by 15 cm (6 in), and an LED lighting system. The first 40 aircraft will feature an optional racing car-inspired red and black custom interior reflecting a sponsorship agreement between Bombardier and Indianapolis Motor Speedway Corporation.