TYPE: Special mission adaptations for Learjet 35A/36A

VARIANTS: EC-35A: Used for EW training simulation or as stand-off ECM/ESM platform.
PC-35A: Maritime patrol; equipment includes 360° sea surveillance digital radar, high resolution television, forward-looking infra-red (FLIR), infra-red linescanner (IRLS), electronic support measures (ESM), magnetic anomaly detector, integrated tactical displays, VLF Omega and other long-range navaids; hardpoint under each wing with Alkan 165B ejector for external stores up to 453 kg (1,000 lb); drop hatch for rescue gear, multi-track digital recorders, homing systems, ASW sonobuoy systems and data annotated hand-held cameras.
RC-35A and RC-36A: Reconnaissance versions; standard installations include long-range oblique photographic cameras (LOROP), side-looking synthetic aperture radars, and surveillance camera system in external pods. Geological versions delivered to China (see below).
UC-35A: Utility versions for transport, navaids calibration, medevac and target towing. Certificated tow systems include Hayes Universal Tow Target System (HUTTS) with or without MTR-101, Flight Refuelling LLHK, MRTT and EMT TGL targets, and Marquardt aerial target launch and recovery tow reel.
U-36A: Extensively modified for Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force (JMSDF). Four delivered for target towing, anti-ship missile simulation and ECM; tip pods extended, in association with Shin Meiwa, to house HWQ-1T missile seeker simulator, AN/ALQ-6 jammer and cameras. Additional equipment includes long-range ocean surveillance radar in underbelly fairing, AN/ALE-43 chaff dispenser, ARS-1-L high-speed tow sleeve with scoring, two-piece windscreen with electrical demisting for low-level missions, expanded underwing stores capability, greater max T-O and landing weights. Further deliveries to Japan expected during 1990s.

CUSTOMERS: 20 customer countries include Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, People's Republic of China (two RC-36As delivered 1984, plus three RC-35As with geological equipment and Goodyear SLAR delivered 1985), Finland (three 35A target tugs also equipped for mapping, medevac, pollution control, oblique photography and SAR), Germany (four 35A/36A target tugs), Japan, Mexico, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, UK, USA and Yugoslavia. Nearly 200 Learjet 30 Series aircraft now flying with or for military services, including 83 C-21As.

DESIGN FEATURES: Civilian and paramilitary missions include aerial survey, aeronautical research, airways calibration, ASW, atmospheric research, border patrol, ESM/ECM, geophysical survey, maritime patrol, pilot training, radar surveillance, reconnaissance, search and rescue, and weather modification.