TYPE: Single-engined military/maritime surveillance amphibian.

PROGRAMME: Introduced early 1985; prototype Seawolf (N1401G) first publicly shown at Paris Air Show 1985.

CUSTOMERS: None known.

DESIGN FEATURES: Generally similar to LA-250 Renegade, has Alkan underwing racks for bombs, rockets and machine-gun pods (see Armament); weapon boresighting preserved even after removal and replacement of racks; other underwing loads include droppable sea, land, desert or Arctic rescue pods; 28V electrical system. Possible mission profiles listed in 1990-91 Jane's.

FLYING CONTROLS: Similar to Renegade (which see).

STRUCTURE: As Renegade except optional interior LPS spray.

POWER PLANT: Standard fuel capacity 333 litres (88 US gallons; 73.3 Imp gallons); optional capacity, with external tanks, 568 litres (150 US gallons; 125 Imp gallons).

ACCOMMODATION: Enclosed cabin capable of seating up to six persons. All seats except pilot's removable, with a variety of optional internal configurations according to mission. Entry through two forward-hinged windscreen sections. Upward hinged gull wing cargo door standard.

AVIONICS: Various radars can be fitted in radome on front of engine, between cooling intakes; facilities include colour weather detection, range of 240 nm (445 km; 276 miles), and three search modes (Search 1 with sea clutter rejection circuitry for detecting small boats down to minimum range of 275 m; 900 ft, Search 2 for surface mapping with high target resolution, and Search 3 normal surface mapping for oil slick tracking, etc). Interfaces available for moving map display, waypoint designation, checklists, beacon navigation and multiple indicators. Loran and Omega available.

ARMAMENT: Standard Alkan 6091 stores mounts on underwing hardpoints, one inboard and one outboard of each wing balancer float, can accommodate a variety of stores, including external fuel lanks, parachute flares, SAR pods, ECM pods, gun pods, reconnaissance pods, rocket launchers, photo-reconnaissance pods, cartridge throwers, flare dispensers, hazardous material containers, practice and general purpose bombs. Inboard stores points can each carry up to 100 kg (220 lb), outboard points can each carry up to 35 kg (77 lb).