TYPE: Side-by-side sportplane kitbuilt.

PROGRAMME: Design initiated late 2000. Construction of prototype began in early 2001, with intended completion date of end 2002. By July 2002 the fuselage was complete and wings and tail had been trial-mated.
All data are provisional.

DESIGN FEATURES: Similar to clip-wing Monocoupe designs of 1930s, incorporating some Kimball (Pitts) Model 12 items, including engine cowling and landing gear legs.

FLYING CONTROLS: Conventional and manual.

STRUCTURE: Strut-braced, two-piece wood-covered wing. Compared to original Monocoupe 110 Special, has larger tail surfaces to improve handling. Strut-braced tailplane.

LANDING GEAR: Identical to that used on Kimball (Pitts) Model 12 with fairings covering legs and wheels.

POWER PLANT: One 294 kW (394 hp) VOKBM M-14PF nine-cylinder radial engine driving a three-blade MT propeller.Fuel capacity 265 litres (70.0 US gallons; 58.3 Imp gallons) in two wing tanks.

ACCOMMODATION: Pilot and passenger side by side.