TYPE: Twin-engine amphibian biplane.

PROGRAMME: Announced 2005; final design details not released by end 2005. FAA certification will be sought. Patents were filed in 2004 for certain design criteria. A single-engined turboprop cargo version is also envisaged. However, no further information received by October 2006.

COST: Estimated project cost USD50 million.

DESIGN FEATURES: Available in turbofan, turboprop and Diesel variants. Design will eliminate a symmetrical thrust and offer increased sea-state stability. Extensive use of carbon graphite.

POWER PLANT: Choice of engines will include Pratt & Whitney PW600 turbofan; 231 kW (310 hp) Thielert Centurion Diesel; and 503 kW (675 shp) P&WC PT-6 turboprop.

ACCOMMODATION: Seating for 14 is envisaged within a pressurised cabin.

All data provisional.


  • Wing span: 12.80 m (42 ft 0 in)


  • Max cruising speed: propeller versions: 175 kt (324 km/h; 201 mph)
    • turbofan: 300 kt (555 km/h; 345 mph)
  • Stalling speed, flaps down: 61 kt (113 km/h; 71 mph)
  • Range with max fuel: turbo diesel: 2,259 n miles (4,184 km; 2,600 miles)
    • turbofan and turboprop: 1,216 n miles (2,253 km; 1,400 miles)