TYPE: Side-by-side kitbuilt.

PROGRAMME: Derived from 1980 Glasair TD via Glasair II. Prototype first flown in 1990. Jump-start kit options, to reduce quoted build time by around 750 hours, offered from 1999 onwards. Over 3,100 hours flown by factory demonstrator N902S by August 2003.

CURRENT VERSIONS: Glasair Super II (stretched, with quarterlights to rear of canopy) available in RG (retractable landing gear), FT (non-retractable tricycle gear) and TD (taildragger) forms introduced in 1992 to supersede earlier Glasair series; TD no longer marketed in 2002, but remains available on a special order basis.

CUSTOMERS: 430 kits sold and 200 flying by end 2002.

COSTS: Kits: US$29,655 for RG; US$24,705 for FT; US$24,705 for TD; all without engine, propeller, instruments and avionics; engine US$28,833 for 180 hp version; 'jumpstart' (quick build) fuselage extra US$6,950; 'jumpstart' wing extra US$7,250; fixed-pitch propeller US$2,000, constant-speed propeller US$4,975 (2003).

DESIGN FEATURES: Low-wing monoplane with moderately tapered wing and sweptback tail surfaces; optimised for high performance consistent with amateur assembly. Quoted build time 2,000 hours.
Wing section NASA LS(I)-0413; dihedral 3°; incidence 2° 20'. Upswept Hoerner style wingtips. Optional 61 cm (2 ft 0 in) extension on each wingtip.

FLYING CONTROLS: Conventional and manual. Horn-balanced rudder and elevators; ailerons with trim tab; plain flaps (slotted flaps optional).

STRUCTURE: Glass fibre and foam composites construction. One-piece wing spar; stressed for aerobatic flight loads.

LANDING GEAR: Three types available, as detailed above. RG version has inward-retracting mainwheels and rearward-retracting, free-castoring nosewheel. Brakes fitted. Wheel size 5.00-5 in. TD has full-swivel, locking tailwheel.

POWER PLANT: One 119 to 149 kW (160 to 200 hp) Textron Lycoming O-320 or IO-360 flat-four engine driving a Hartzell constant-speed metal propeller; standard engine for RG and FT is 134 kW (180 hp) Textron Lycoming IO-360. Fuel capacity 151 litres (40.0 US gallons; 33.3 Imp gallons) in main wing tanks plus 30 litres (8.0 US gallons; 6.7 Imp gallons) in header tank. Auxiliary tanks of 41.6 litres (11.0 US gallons; 9.2 Imp gallons) capacity in optional wingtip extensions.

ACCOMMODATION: Two persons, side by side. Enclosed cockpit with gull-wing doors. NACA air vents provide cabin ventilation.