TYPE: 11/14-passenger corporate version of Metro III airliner.

PROGRAMME: Certificated under SFAR Pt 41B and ICAO Annex 8 at max T-O weights of 6,577 kg (14,500 lb) or 7,257 kg (16,000 lb).

CUSTOMERS: Total 24 delivered by January 1990.

DESIGN FEATURES: Movable bulkheads and interchangeable furnishings allow cabin arrangement for variety of passenger numbers and cargo; interiors include reclining passenger seats, couches, more luxurious fittings, decor and lighting, large buffet cabinet with beverage and food storage and preparation facilities, television and stereo; toilet and baggage compartments at rear separated by bulkhead and hinged door.
Specifications of Merlin III apply to Merlin IV C, except that empty weight is 90-180 kg (200-400 lb) higher by reason of additional furnishings, and lower bleed air extraction results in higher cruising speeds.

AVIONICS: In late 1986 the Merlin IV C was certificated for a Bendix/King KFC 400 flight control system with KNS 660 flight management system integrated with the Bendix EFIS-10 five-tube electronic flight instrument system comprising two ADIs, two HSIs and a multi-function display.


  • Weight empty, equipped: 4,472 kg (9,860 lb)

PERFORMANCE (at max T-O weight, ISA, except where indicated):

  • Max cruising speed, at mid-cruise weight of 5,670 kg (12,500 lb):
    • at 3,050-4,575 m (10,000-15,000 ft): 283 knots (524 km/h; 326 mph)
    • at 6,100 m (20,000 ft): 281 knots (521 km/h; 323 mph)
    • at 7,620 m (25,000 ft): 273 knots (506 km/h; 314 mph)
  • Max rate of climb at S/L: 803 m (2,635 ft)/min
  • Rate of climb at S/L, one engine out: 198 m (650 ft)/min
  • Range with max standard fuel, max cruise power at 7,925 m (26,000 ft), 45 min reserves:
    • eight occupants: 1.578 nm (2,924 km; 1,817 miles)
    • thirteen occupants: 1,036 nm ( 1,920 km; 1,193 miles)
  • Ferry range, conditions and allowances as above, but with two flight crew only: 2,071 nm (3,838 km; 2,384 miles)