TYPE: Large business jet.

PROGRAMME: Launched 11 October 1999; roll-out and first 'green' delivery 8 March 2001 to an undisclosed customer; first service entry was in early 2002; forecast production rate eight per year.

CUSTOMERS: BBJ2 expected to account for some 25 per cent of all BBJ sales. Total of nine firm orders received by mid-2003, including one in first half of that year. Six in service and further two outfitting by October 2003.

COSTS: US$50 million, 'green'; estimated US$61 million to US$67 million, typically equipped (2002).

DESIGN FEATURES: Based on 737-800 airframe, affording 25 per cent more cabin volume and twice the cargo volume of the BBJ; Aviation Partners Inc winglets standard.

POWER PLANT: Two CFM56-7 turbofans, each 121,4 kN (27,300 lb st). Standard 737 'Next-Generation' fuel of 26,025 litres (6,875 US gallons; 5,725 Imp gallons) contained in wing, plus between three and seven belly tanks; maximum combined capacity 39,466 litres (10,426 US gallons; 8,681 Imp gallons).

ACCOMMODATION: Up to 78 passengers, with executive lounge and private suite. Maximum 189 in airliner configuration. Operating weights based on completion allowance of 7,257 kg (16,000 lb).