TYPE: Two-seat lightplane.

PROGRAMME: Original Aeronca Model 7 and successors built in 16 subvariants, with variius letter suffixes. Currently the lowest powered of the American Champion range, the 7EC was certified on 30 November 1949 and 7ECA on 5 August 1964; 773 of former and 1,369 of latter had been built up to 1984; was reintroduced into range during 1995 as the cheapest aircraft. Current production aircraft has improved ventilation and heating; redesigned instrument panel and quick-jettison door; and dual controls and brakes.

CUSTOMERS: Total three delivered in 2002, and two in the first nine months of 2003, increasing overall production to 1,390.

COSTS: Standard aircraft US$73,900 (2003).

DESIGN FEATURES: High-wing cabin monoplane; wings braced by V-struts and two secondary struts each side; wire-braced fin and tailplane; constant-chord wings; sweptback fin with (current versions) squared tip.
Wing section NACA 4412; dihedral 1°.

FLYING CONTROLS: Conventional and manual. Horn-balanced elevators and rudder. Flight-adjustable trim tab in port elevator. No flaps. Control surface movements: ailerons +27° 30'/-19°; elevators ±25°. Aileron suspended balance tabs (spades) optional.

STRUCTURE: Stainless steel exhaust system. Fuselage and empennage are welded chromol steel tube with Dacron covering; two-spar wing has aluminium spars and ribs, Dacron covering, GFRP tips and steel tube V struts.

LANDING GEAR: Tailwheel type; non-retractable. Cantilever spring steel main gear; mainwheels 6.00-6 (4 ply); tailwheel 5.00, steerable. Hydraulic, toe-operated disc and parking brakes. Main wheel fairings optional. Floatplane option includes auxiliary fins above and below tailplane.

POWER PLANT: One 88 kW (118 hp) Textron Lycoming O-235-K2C flat-four piston engine driving a Sensenich 72 CKS8-52 fixed-pitch propeller. Fuel in two wing tanks, total capacity 136 litres (36.0 US gallons; 30.0 Imp gallons) of which 132 litres (35.0 US gallons; 29.1 Imp gallons) usable; overwing refuelling point for each tank. Oil capacity 5.7 litres (1.5 US gallons; 1.3 Imp gallons).

ACCOMMODATION: Pilot and passenger in tandem; five-point safety harness; quick jettison door on starboard side; pilot's port window opens. Space for baggage behind seats. Dual controls. Options include split door for photographic work, external bottom-hinged baggage door, greenhouse roof and tinted cabin windows, wide rear seat and rear seat heater.

SYSTEMS: Electric starter; 60 A alternator; 12 V gel-cell battery; voltage regulator with protector. Optional lighting system.

AVIONICS: To customer's choice.
Comms: Optional Communication Group includes broadband transmitting antenna, twin headset jacks, cabin speaker and noise cancelling microphone. Intercom system, rear PTT switch and ELT also optional.
Flight: Full vacuum gyro package and electric attitude indicator and directional gyro set optional.
Instrumentation: ASI, sensitive altimeter, magnetic compass, fuel gauge, oil temperature and pressure gauges and recording tachometer all standard. VSI, electric turn co-ordinator, OAT gauge, EGT gauge, CHT gauge, combination EGT/CHT eight-probe scanner and electric clock optional.

EQUIPMENT: Optional equipment includes Standard Operation Group comprising navigation lights, landing light, cabin light, dual wingtip strobe lights and bullet propeller spinner; deluxe Duraplush fabric/vinyl interior; landing gear leg steps; speed kit including wing strut fairings; CFP-2 corrosion protection; remote mounted oil filter; and oil quick drain, all optional.