TYPE: Four-seat kitbuilt.

PROGRAMME: Design work started 2 January 2001; prototype (N640Z) first flown 1 March 2001. Public debut at Sun 'n' Fun, April 2001.

COSTS: Standard kit US$24,800; quick-build kit introductory price US$35,190, both without engine, propeller, instruments, electrics and upholstery (2001). Can be purchased in smaller kit packages.

DESIGN FEATURES: Fuselage based on CH 2000 with cabin rear wall moved to allow extra seating; 90 per cent commonality of parts. Influenced by other Zenith designs: area forward of firewall is based on similarly engined Zenith CH 801. However, wings are of new design, incorporating high-lift aerofoil. Quick-build kit includes almost-complete fuselage, wings, ailerons, flaps and tailplane; quoted build time 500 hours. Standard kit build time quoted as 1,500 hours. Meets FAA 51 per cent rule.
Wing section LS(1)0417(mod).

FLYING CONTROLS: Manual. Single-piece all-flying tailplane and rudder. Electrically operated split flaps with maximum deflection of 30°. Anti-balance tab on both ailerons.

STRUCTURE: Stressed-skin semi-monocoque all-metal fuselage of 6061-T6 aluminium sheet riveted to aluminium extrusions. All-metal stressed-skin wings consist of two panels bolted to fuselage spar-box assembly; Hoerner wingtips.

LANDING GEAR: Tricycle type; fixed. Cantilever main legs comprise single piece of 19 mm (¾ in) aluminium. Steerable nosewheel with heavy-duty bungee shock absorption. Cleveland 5.00x5 wheels standard throughout, with option to fit 6.00x6. Cleveland hydraulic single-disc brakes on mainwheels. Optional wheel fairings. Tailskid protects empennage in hard landings.

POWER PLANT: One 134 kW (180 hp) Lycoming IO-360-A1A driving a Sensenich 76-EM8-0-63 two blade, fixed-pitch propeller; engines between 112 and 149 kw (150 and 200 hp) can be fitted. Standard fuel capacity 144 litres (38.0 US gallons; 31.6 Imp gallons) in two wing tanks forward of wing spar; optional capacity 174 litres (46.0 US gallons; 38.3 Imp gallons).

ACCOMMODATION: Two pairs of seats, designed to withstand loads of 27 g. Dual controls. Gull-wing cabin door on each side of fuselage. Roll-over protection bar of 4130N tubing between two forward seat backs is bolted to top of wing main spar.

SYSTEMS: 12 V battery and 14 V 70 A alternator standard. Auxiliary electric fuel pump.

AVIONICS: To customer's choice.