TYPE: Six-seat kitbuilt.

PROGRAMME: Development of Comp Air 4; first flew January 1996.

CURRENT VERSIONS: CA6G: Normal landing gear, as described.
CA6SF: Float-equipped version.
CA6AF: Amphibian.
CA6TW: Tapered wing.
CA6TWHG: Tapered wing, high gross (1,451 kg; 3,200 lb MTOW).
CA6SHG: Super high gross (1,632 kg; 3,600 lb MTOW), wide-bodied version.

CUSTOMERS: At least 115 flying by early 2002.

COSTS: Kit US$34,995, without engine (2003).

DESIGN FEATURES: As Comp Air 4. Quoted build time 350 hours.

Data for CA6G generally as Comp Air 4, except those below.

STRUCTURE: Wings removable for storage. Optional wide-body fuselage, enlarged flap and tapered wing upgrades available.

LANDING GEAR: Choice of tricycle or tailwheel configuration; optional floats. Mainwheels 6.00-6 in. Optional 7075-T6 aluminium alloy spring landing gear available in place of composites version provided with kits.

POWER PLANT: Prototype had 164 kW (220 hp) Franklin engine; design compatible with engines in the 164 to 224 kW (220 to 300 hp) class. Automotive engine conversions are also possible. Fuel capacity 310 litres (82.0 US gallons; 68.3 Imp gallons).

ACCOMMODATION: Four adults plus full fuel and baggage; or four adults plus two children, with reduced fuel or baggage.