Alfred 'Fred' Victor Verville worked with Curtiss 1912, then designed at Army Engineering Division, producing unsuccessful aeroplane 1915. In 1918 worked with Virginius Evans Clark and Etienne Dormoy to produce VCP, Verville Clark Pursuit: outstanding performance, led to VCP-R racer (won 1920 Pulitzer) and 186-mph VCP-1. Even faster Verville-Sperry racer was fresh design. In 1925 began designing Buhl-Verville CA-3 Airster 2-seat biplane, in latter year forming Buhl-Verville Aircraft Co. at Detroit. Verville sold out 1927, formed Verville Aircraft 1928, built small numbers of Air Coach 104-C and (Packard diesel) 104-P, followed by Sportsman AT tandem biplane, 4 military trainers becoming YPT-10. In liquidation 1932.

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