Company derives its name from its president's nickname and began in 1973 with the sale of plans (and, later, kits) for the RV-3 sporting homebuilt. More than 10,000 Van's kits sold by October 2003, of which 3,427 were then flying. The four-seat RV-10 was announced in October 2001 and made its first flight on 29 May 2003.
The company constructed a new 5,110 m² (55,000 sq ft) facility at Aurora, Oregon, to which it moved during 2000; by June 2002 the workforce numbered 60. All Van's kits conform to the FAA's 51 per cent rule.
The company is now working on the RV-11 motor glider; by early 2004 the forward fuselage was under construction.

Additional Info

  • Address: 14401 NE Keil Road, Aurora, Oregon 97002
  • Tel: (+1 503) 678 65 45
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