Piper bought assets for $761 and started again as Taylor Aircraft Co., still with C.G. Taylor as president and chief engineer and Piper as secretary and treasurer. It was entirely Piper’s knowledge of market and eager drive that got Taylor to design totally new aircraft, smaller than Chummy: tandem-seat Cub (10 September 1930), with 50-hp Brownback Kitten, later 40-hp Salmson. With Piper’s aggressive marketing over 300 Cub E-2 (37-hp Continental) sold during Depression, several new models appearing. But personality clash led to Taylor’s departure 1936, Piper buying his shares. Walt Jamouneau replaced Taylor as designer, but just as company was really prospering (550 sales in 1936) factory burned down. Piper moved to Lock Haven and renamed company Piper Aircraft.

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