Standard Aircraft Corp. formed September 1916 at Plainfield, NJ, later adding plant at Elizabeth, NJ, in belief aircraft would be needed for war. Took over Sloane November 1916, building 3 Sloane H-2 biplanes as Standard H-2 for Army. Similar 2/3-seaters built as H-3 and Navy H-4H seaplane. About 800 SJ and J-1 trainers followed 1917; 2 M-Defense fighters were followed by 93 (of 460 ordered) E-1 single-seat fighter trainers. Elizabeth and Paterson plants also built 80 Curtiss HS-1 flying-boats, 140 (of 1,000) DH-4, and began mass-production of Caproni and O/400 heavy bombers. See Gates-Day.

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