On 16 February 1973 North American Rockwell was merged into Rockwell Manufacturing Co. to form Rockwell International Corp. Precisely a year later former NA Aerospace Group was replaced by NA Aircraft Operations and NA Space Operations. Aircraft Operations comprised Atomics International, B-1 Division, Los Angeles Aircraft Division, Columbus Aircraft Division (T-2 Buckeye, XFV-12A, OV-10 Bronco), Sabreliner Division (El Segundo, all Sabreliners), General Aviation Division (Bethany, Oklahoma, all Commander business and ag-aircraft) and Tulsa Division. In September 1978 North American Aerospace Operations was streamlined into Space Systems, Energy Systems and an Aircraft Group comprising North American Aircraft Division (with LA plant and Columbus plant), General Aviation Division, Tulsa Division and Sabreliner Division relocated at St Louis. In 1977 ag-aircraft were purchased by Ayres, in 1981 Commanders went to Gulfstream Aerospace and in 1983 Sabreliner went to a bank which formed Sabreliner Corp. This left North American Aerospace Business (which among other things manages Shuttle and Space Transportation Systems), and North American Aircraft with 2 facilities, Palmdale and Tulsa, which delivered 100 B-1Bs, upgrade OV-10, AC-130 and F-111, produced X-31A with MBB and participate in X-30 National AeroSpace Plane.

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