Republic Aviation Corp. formed June 1939 by name change of Seversky, all personnel and Farmingdale location remaining unchanged. Built 120 EP-1 fighters for Sweden, final 60 requisitioned as P-35A for US Army, which also procured 272 P-43 Lancers of several versions. Derived P-44 cancelled in favour of bigger P-47B (6 May 1941) later named Thunderbolt, leading to 15,677 P-47s built at Farmingdale and at Evansville, Indiana (vacated 1945). At war's end P-72 and impressive XF-12 Rainbow (4 x 3,250-hp Wasp Major) remained prototypes, but RC-3 Seabee 4-seat amphibian (pusher 215-hp Franklin) sold over 1,000 1945-7 because sold below cost. Alex Kartveli considered a jet P-47 but wisely started afresh with XP-84 Thunderjet (28 February 1946), leading to 3,368 'straight-wing' F-84 fighter-bombers, 2,713 swept-wing F-84F and 715 RF-84F. Odd jet/rocket XF-91 Thunderceptor and fantastic XF-103 turboramjet fighter designed for Mach 3.7 (2,446 mph) both terminated, but AP-63 design for USAF attack fighter-bomber led to F-105 Thunderchief (22 October 1955) and to 830 production F-105s of various kinds. Company bought by Fairchild Hiller September 1965, initially as Republic Aviation Division, from 1971 as Fairchild Republic Co.

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