Raytheon Aircraft Company (RAC) formed 15 September 1994, combing Raytheon Company subsidiaries Beech Aircraft Corporation and Raytheon Corporate Jets Inc. Raytheon acquired British Aerospace's Corporate Jets division 6 August 1993. RAC builds civil and military aircraft, and components; Salina division supplies wings for most models, non-metallic interior components, ventral fins, nosecones and tailcones.
Final assembly of Hawkers transferred from UK to new 41,800 m² (450,000 sq ft) plant at Wichita beginning last quarter of 1995 and finalised by April 1997, when last UK-built Hawker was completed; 17,745 m² (191,000 sq ft) Training Systems Division plant added for Texan II assembly line. Little Rock continues to provide custom interiors, avionics, sales and customer support services for Hawker models and aircraft painting services for Hawkers, Beech and Hawker product names are retained and separate Beechcraft and Hawker divisions were established in mid-2002 for marketing purposes, Raytheon title having been dropped from aircraft designations.
Wholly owned subsidiaries include Raytheon Aircraft Credit Corporation Inc (business aircraft retail financing and leasing); Travel Air Insurance Company Ltd (aircraft liability insurance); Raytheon Aircraft Services network of fixed-base operations; Raytheon Travel Air, formed in 1997, which offers fractional ownership; and Raytheon Aircraft Charter and Management, which offers aircraft charter and fullservice management.
In November 2001 RAC had 11,700 employees worldwide, of whom 8,800 were in Kansas, and occupied 380,900 m² (4,100,000 sq ft) of plant area in Wichita.
Total production by RAC more than 54,029 by 30 September 2003.

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