Micco company originally formed by the Seminole tribe of native Americans and as descendant of the Meyers company, founded in 1936, which produced the OTW (102 built), MAC-125/145 (22 built), Meyers 200 (46 built) and Meyers 400 Interceptor turboprop; after purchase by Rockwell in July 1965, the Meyers 200 became the Aero Commander 200 (88 built), until production ceased in 1967. Type certificate transferred to Interceptor Corporation in 1969; to Prop-Jets Inc 1977; Nydia Myers Trust 1981; Ralph Haven 1987; New Myers 21 March 1991; and to Estumketda Ltd on 18 January 1995.
New Meyers renamed Micco (Seminole for chief) in 1997, remaining under Estumketda ownership. Had 3,720 m² (40,000 sq ft) of factory space and 465 m² (5,000 sq ft) of engineering and administrative offices at Fort Pierce, Florida, and employed 73 people in 2000. Production of the SP20 and its derivative, the SP26, ceased in November 2001 because of poor order book. Type certificate was sold to LanShe on 22 February 2003, but this company closed in June 2004. Type certificate to Aero Acquisitions on 12 September 2005.
On 25 July 2005, Micco announced it had entered into an agreement for the acquisition of the type certificate, tooling, fixtures and inventory assets for the SP26. Production facilities established in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, where new aircraft deliveries planned from first quarter of 2007. Certificate was duly transferred to Micco Aircraft on 1 September 2006.

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  • Address: Hangar 7, Frank Phillips Field, 407 Northwest Wiley Post Road, Bartlesville, Oklahoma 74003
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