LWF Engineering Corp. established 1915 at College Point, Long Island, by Joseph Lowe, Charles F. Willard and Robert G. Fowler. Three principals left 1916, LWF then meaning Laminated Wooden (monocoque) Fuselage, patented 1914 by Willard. Converted 12 DH-4 into mailplanes and built twin-engined version. Competitive bids brought series production of Curtiss HS-2L and Douglas DT-1 for Navy and Martin NBS-1 for Army. Own designs included V-1 (1915) biplane trainer, developed into increasingly powerful V-2 and V-3 (201 delivered 1916-18). Post-war built ultralight and giant Owl (Model H) 3-engined triplane bomber. Built Army T-3 twin-engined transport but XNBS-2 metal bomber cancelled. Liquidation 1924.

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