Chance Vought Corp. merged with Ling-Temco Electronics 31 August 1961 to form Ling-Temco-Vought Inc., continuing aircraft operations at Dallas as Chance Vought, subsidiary of LTV, passing through series of reorganizations to become Vought Corp. 1976, LTV Aircraft Products Group 1986 and LTV Aerospace and Defense Co. 1990. Carried through entire VAX programme resulting in A-7 (27 September 1965), 1,545 built by 1983, and upgrade/modification programmes continue. Builds about one-third of B-2, aft fuselage/tail of 747, tailplane of 767, tail of 757, nacelles and tail of C-17 and nacelles of Challenger and RJ; still major programmes on T-38/F-5, completion of BAe C-29A, teaming on Panther and Pampa 2000. Renamed Vought.

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