Emil Matthew 'Matty' Laird built Model S ultralight biplane 1919, sold several and formed Laird Airplane Co., 4500 W 83rd St, Chicago. First real product rebuilt JN-4 called Swallow, but sold design to Stearman as New Swallow. Fresh design 1924 LC (Laird Commercial) 3-seat biplane, about 30 built. Brother formed his own company (see Laird Aircraft Corp.), so Matt formed E.M. Laird Airplane Co. at 5301 W 65th St, Chicago, concentrating on custom-built sporting and racing aircraft, notably Speedwing, Solution and Super Solution. Sesquiwing (1935), 6-seat sesquiplane, was attempt at comeback into commercial field. Final job was Roscoe Turner’s LTR-14 Meteor racer 1936.

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