Ben Howard built his first Damn Good Airplane, DGA-1, while working for Curtiss 1923. DGA-2 was racer built for 1930 Nationals, Howard by this time being airline pilot. Series of racers followed, and with DGA-6 Mister Mulligan Howard won all 3 major US races of 1935 despite its being a 4-seater. Series continued, and Howard Aircraft Corp. formed at St Charles, Illinois, 1 January 1937. Main product DGA-15 4/5-seater, and this led to US Navy GH-1 transport (31), GH-2 ambulance (131), GH-3 transport (115) and NH-1 instrument trainer (205). Army UC-70s were impressed civil aircraft. Howard also supplied DGA-18 trainers for Civil Pilot Training Program.

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