Aircraft Division of Hiller Industries formed by Frank Hiller 1942 to develop small coaxial helicopters, Hx-44 Hillercopter prototype being demonstrated August 1944. UH-4 Commuter followed June 1946, but further work led to traditional layout with single main rotor incorporating control surfaces at 90° to main blades. This led to Model 360, certificated October 1948. In same year company reorganized and named Hiller Helicopters Inc. Subsequently staple product was Model 12 family (Army H-23 Raven) of which over 2,000 delivered by 1965. Less successful were XROE-1 Rotorcycle 1-man portable helicopter, YH-32 Hornet ramjet tip-drive 2-seater and VZ-1E Flying Platform; X-18 large tilt-wing VTOL (rebuilt YC-122) was never intended for production. Final product was OH-5A observation/liaison helicopter, which failed to win big Army contract but led to civil FH-1100. Company renamed Hiller Aircraft Co. 1959, became subsidiary of various others and from 5 May 1964 subsidiary of Fairchild, which became Fairchild Hiller and in 1966 Fairchild Industries, Hiller name disappearing.

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