Groen Brothers has been working on its Hawk Gyroplane family since 1986. Prototypes leading up to the Hawk 4 include the Hawk I and H2X. The Hawk 4 Gyroplane is the first in a series of near VTOL-capable aircraft and is initially being developed and marketed to government agencies, with FAA certification not expected for at least two years. The RevCon 6G technology demonstrator uses the fuselage of a Cessna 337 as the basis of its fuselage and will be progressively modified into a gyrodyne by the addition of rotor blade mounted tipjets Groen has offered its GyroLifter gyrodyne to the US Department of Defense. The company has a flight test facility at Buckeye, Arizona, where, on 12 July 2000, the prototype Jet Hawk 4T/Hawk 4 made its initial flight.
In July 2001, Groen announced plans to move to a new 18,580 m² (200,000 sq ft) facility at Phoenix, Arizona. The plant, which will cost US$14 million and employ 425, was intended to become operational by end 2002 and have the capacity to produce four aircraft per day, however this has lapsed.
In August 2001, the company concluded a joint venture with Al-Obayya Corporation to produce and market gyroplanes in Saudi Arabia. However, economic downturn of late 2001 resulted in 85 of 130-strong workforce being laid off. Earlier plans for Chinese assembly also appear to have lapsed.

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