Stoddard-Hamilton company formed in 1979. Glasair I, II and II-S were superseded by Super II and III. Two-seat GlaStar added to product range in 1995; float production rights sold to Aero Marine Inc in 1996. Company had delivered more than 2,400 kits by April 1999; by 2002 over 800 Glasairs and 300 GlaStars were flying.
Work began on a six-seater, named Aurora, in early 2000, but Stoddard-Hamilton ceased trading in May 2000 and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on 17 July. At a bankruptcy hearing on 18 August 2000, the bulk of the assets was sold to Anduril Private Investment Fund, but this agreement was set aside on 27 November 2000 and bidding for the company was re-opened.
Stoddard-Hamilton then received offer from Phoenix Composites for Glasair rights but failed to complete. Rights to both aircraft lines were purchased from Arlington Advanced Development by Thomas Wathen on 15 June 2001. Separate marketing companies were established by Mr Wathen for the two main product lines, namely New Glasair and New GlaStar.

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  • Address: 18810 59th Avenue Northeast, Arlington, Washington 98223
  • Tel: (+1 360) 435 85 33
  • Fax: (+1 360) 435 95 25
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