Division of US War Department, Bureau of Aircraft Production, set up December 1917 on return of Cdr. R.C. Bolling from Europe where his team had investigated possibility of building Americanized European designs. Subsequently Engineering Division evaluated, investigated, designed and manufactured US Army aircraft, notably: LUSAC (Lepère US Army combat) series of fighters, USB/USXB based on Bristol Fighter, USD-9/9A versions of D.H.9, Pomilio FVL-8 fighter, VCP (Virginius Clark Pursuit), PW-1, TP-1 2-seat pursuit, GA-1 armoured ground attack made by Boeing, XNBL-1 'Barling Bomber', and Verville R-3 racer made by Sperry. Became Materiel Division, Air Corps, 1926, and in October 1927 moved from McCook Field to Wright Field, ceasing to design or build.

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