Vincent Burnelli helped design various mainly unsuccessful aircraft during First World War, but always harboured dream of making aeroplanes with fuselages which contributed to total lift. In 1920 he formed Airliner Engineering Corp. at Amityville, Long Island, in partnership with T.T. Remington. Built 2 RB-1 biplane transports and (1924) RB-2. Monoplanes followed: CB-16 (1928) built at Aeromarine plant for Sky Lines president Paul W. Chapman, aircraft also known as PWC; small GX-3 (1929) for Guggenheim competition; UB-20 transport (1930) made by Aeromarine Klemm, Inglis M. Uppercu president (hence designation UB) and Burnelli VP and chief engineer. Uppercu-Burnelli then built UB-14 and UB-14B transports, latter also produced by Cunliffe-Owen. A-1 bomber (1935) not built, but design basis of XCG-16A troop-carrying glider built by General Airborne 1943. Final aircraft built was CBY-3 Loadmaster, by CanCar 1945. Numerous projects remained on paper.

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