The Pitts Aerobatics company was acquired by Christen Industries in 1983 along with manufacturing and marketing rights for the Pitts Special aerobatic aircraft. In turn, Aviat Aircraft Inc acquired Christen Industries in 1991 and production and type certificates for the Christen range. Aviat itself was bought by Stuart Horn in December 1995 and type certificates passed to Sky International Inc on 10 January 1996. The company has acquired manufacturing rights to the 1930s/1940s Globe Swift and Monocoupe 110, but a return to production has not been pursued. Aviat delivered a total of 83 aircraft in 1998, 85 in 1999, 91 in 2000, 57 in 2001 and 38 in 2002. Factory floor area 6,503 m² (70,000 sq ft). Workforce stood at 58 in 2002.

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  • Address: 672 South Washington, PO Box 1240, Afton, Wyoming 83110, United States
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