ACAC offers new-build Citabria (now called Aurora, Adventure and Explorer), Super Decathlon and Scout, all designed by Aeronca. Model 7 (based on Second World War L-3 Grasshopper liaison/observation machine) certified 18 October 1945. Series later marketed by Champion Aircraft Corporation (1954); from 1970 by Bellanca Aircraft Corporation; and then, in 1982, Champion Aircraft Company. Assets transferred to Jerry Mehlhaff's American Champion Aircraft Corporation, which restarted production in 1990. By early 1999, various manufacturers had built 14,750 of the Model 7 and Model 8 families. American Champion delivered a total of 96 aircraft in 2000, and on 26 April 2001 rolled out its 500th production aircraft, a Super Decathlon. Total deliveries in 2002 were 53. In addition, ACAC offers its new metal spar wing for retrofit on all models, including the original 7AC Champion. A new model, the 7ACA, was displayed at Oshkosh in July 2000; the company is investigating ways of making the aircraft financially viable for production.

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  • Tel: (+1 262) 534 63 15
  • Fax: (+1 262) 534 23 95
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