Formerly based in Isle of Man, UK; relocated to Australia in 1993; to USA in 1996; and to British Columbia, Canada, in 1998 (while retaining a presence in Oregon, USA). A facility at Boundary Bay Airport, Vancouver, was established in 2002. Venture capital for airship development, expected in early 1997, did not materialise, but reported that AHA signed letter of intent on 6 October 1998 with Xiao Bang Group (XBG) of China initiating 10 year joint venture to build and market new buoyant aircraft in China. Intention is to manufacture first Light Utility and a two-seat LV2 Hornet in USA, then to establish assembly plant in Zhuhai after training Chinese workforce. A formal agreement was signed in February 1998 with the Blimp Group of Buenos Aires, Argentina, to promote AHA buoyant aircraft. In March 2001, a similar agreement was signed with Denebola (DSA) SA de CV of Ensenada, Mexico.
Numerous letters of interest for the commercial Hornet LV2 were received during 2001, and several serious enquiries were being negotiated. AHA was then also seeking new investment to revive the projected Advanced Airship Corporation ANR, but funding for this had not been located by mid-2003.
In late 2002, AHA was contracted to design, build and test a prototype of the Parabounce Propbike man-powered airship.

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