After collapse and sale of original Lockheed (as part of Detroit Aircraft) in 1932, Allan H. Lockheed formed Alhambra, later Alcor Aircraft Corp. Built small numbers of 2 fast transports,…
In 1924 Alexander Film Co., producer of short movies, found OX-5 Swallow such asset that they entered aircraft business, Alexander Aircraft being formed Denver, April 1925. August 1925 produced Eaglerock,…
Alhambra Airport & Air Transport Co. was original name of Allen Lockheed's company after failure of Lockheed (Detroit) in 1931. Became Alcor 1935.
Small Long Beach company which in 1945 produced Model 10A Ensign side-by-side low-wing lightplane.
Goodyear (under 200 cu in) racer of 1947.
Allied Aviation Corporation at Cockeysville, Maryland, produced LRA-1 troop-carrying amphibious glider 1943, followed in 1945 by Trimmer 3-seat twin-engined amphibian.
Allison Division of General Motors delivered first Allison Convair re-engined with Model 501 turboprops in 1960. Subsequently designated Convair 580, deliveries continued until in 1969 programme was passed to Pacific…
Incorporated at Wichita 1963 to produce A-2 Aircoupe taken over from Ercoupe. In 1966 flew Alon Four or A-4 4-seater.
Alpha Aviation produced Type 11D lightplane 1971.
AIRCRAFT MANUFACTURING & DEVELOPMENT AMD was established in 1999 to produce and market the Zenair Zenith CH 2000 and CH2T. Its purpose-built, 2600 m² (28,000 sq ft) factory became operational…
Holding company Ameco joined Hawk International in 1989 to continue development of GafHawk turboprop utility freighter.
Formed 1928 Long Island City to build Savoia S.55 and S.56. Taken over by Dayton 1931.
American Aircraft Corp. unveiled Penetrator gunship conversion of Bell UH-1 December 1991 at Rialto, CA.
American Aircraft Co. formed 1939 to take over manufacture of S-1B from Security.
Miami company which in 1954 marketed high-lift wings for Stearman ag-conversions, from 1957 selling complete rebuilds as NA-75.
American Airplane Co. built single-engined high-wing monoplane transports, notably 10-passenger Pilgrim 1932.
Incorporated 1950 at Freeland, Michigan, to market and support former Republic Seabee; merged into Downer 1960.
Formed at Cleveland 1964 to produce AA-1 Yankee (Bede BD-1) 2-seater, other products later. Merged 1 January 1973 into Grumman American Aviation (later Gulfstream Aerospace).
Formed in California 1985 to re-engine JetStar, named FanStar.
AMERICAN CHAMPION AIRCRAFT CORPORATION ACAC offers new-build Citabria (now called Aurora, Adventure and Explorer), Super Decathlon and Scout, all designed by Aeronca. Model 7 (based on Second World War L-3…
Formed Kansas City 1925 to build American Eaglet, first 2-seater to be US certificated. Failed 1932, merged with Lincoln as American Eagle-Lincoln, then succession of purchasers attempted to restore operations…
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