Formerly Pitcairn-Larsen, became G&A.
ADVANCED HYBRID AIRCRAFT INC Formerly based in Isle of Man, UK; relocated to Australia in 1993; to USA in 1996; and to British Columbia, Canada, in 1998 (while retaining a…
Ahrens began design of AH 404 STOL utility transport, powered by 4 420-hp Allison turboprops, in January 1975. Prototype flew at Oxnard, California, December 1976, followed by first production AH…
Air & Space Manufacturing Inc., Muncie, Indiana, produced 68 Umbaugh 18A 2-seat autogyros 1964-5, but bankrupt 1966. See also Air & Space America Inc.
Air & Space America Inc., Paducah, Kentucky, formed as manufacturing/marketing subsidiary of Farrington to restart production of slightly improved Umbaugh 18A. Deliveries from September 1990.
AIR COMMAND INTERNATIONAL INC Formed in May 1992, Air Command produces kits of autogyros. In 2003, Air Command had a 465 m² (5,000 sq ft) factory and seven employees.
Olney, Texas, company founded 1978 by Leland Snow (see Snow). Major producer of piston and turboprop ag-aircraft.
Air Transport Manufacturing Co. was active 1928-36 with mainly high-wing monoplanes with 1, 2 and 3 engines. Major type was B-6, with 2 engines on low stub wings.
Bought Helio and Taylorcraft 1989. See New Technik.
Littleton, Colorado, corp. which has delivered many kits and plans for Nuwaco T-10 3-seat biplane.
A major producer of airframe parts, this California company tried in 1968-70 to market Bushmaster 2000 based on Ford Tri-Motor.
Short-lived (1949-51) company which bought rights to Johnson Bullet metal 4-seater and produced it as Texas Bullet.
Aircraft Mechanics Inc. Formed by management buyout of failed Alexander, produced new designs, ceased 1936.
This Renton (Seattle) firm was formed 1980 to produce turboprop amphibians. Avalon 680 7-seater powered by 750-hp PT6A flew October 1983. Company failed to fly definitive Twin Star 1000 and…
AiRover Co. was formed August 1937 as subsidiary of Lockheed to build Unitwin Model 2 Starliner (April 1939) with patented twin-Menasco engines driving single propeller. Occupied small building (previously Empire…
Airplane Development Corp. formed January 1932 by Gerard Vultee when Lockheed (Detroit) failed. Finance by Cord Corp., which also owned Stinson and Auburn auto firm. See also Vultee.
American Jet Industries founded at Van Nuys 1951 to modify and repair transports; Turbo Star 402 and 414 are Cessna conversions with Allison 250 turboprops, and T-610 Super Pinto (1968)…
Akron Aircraft Co. was established at Ohio city of that name to produce Funk B light 2-seater. Became Funk Aircraft 1941.
Albuquerque, NM, company which in 1962 purchased rights to Luscombe Silvaire and also hoped to market improved version.
George Norman Albree designed numerous aircraft from 1912 characterized by no controls except ailerons. Most famous was Pigeon Fraser monoplane fighter: see Pigeon.
Allison Airplane Co. established 1920 to build Allison Junior Coupe single-seater.
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