Eau Gallie High School, Florida, produced Gull 2-seat research aircraft 1986.
James P. Eich built JE-2 2-seat autogyro 1977; plans marketed.
Built Model A single-seat and Model B 2-seat metal flying-wing aircraft 1946-7.
Eipper Industries, Temecula, California, one of world’s largest producers of microlights (Quicksilver series) and kits.
D. Eldred, Willoughby, Ohio, built 2-seat seaplane with tail carried on floats 1946.
Electrospace Systems, subsidiary of Chrysler Corp. at Richardson, Texas, undertakes specialist conversions for Dept. of Defense, e.g. DC-8 into EC-24A and 707s into EC-18D cruise-missile control platforms.
G. Elias & Brother incorporated Buffalo 1881, but began making aircraft 1920: TA-1 Army trainer 1921, XNBS-3 bomber 1922, 6 EM-2 Marine utility land/seaplanes plus 1 EO-1 Navy observation version,…
Leonard C. Elmendorf built light aircraft 1973.
Built light aircraft 1974.
Division of Emroth Co. at Harlingen, Texas, produced MA-1 ag-aircraft developed by Air New Zealand: see Murrayair.
Emigh Trojan Aircraft Co., Douglas, AZ, succeeded Emigh Aircraft Corp. and continued limited manufacture of A-2 Trojan 2-seater 1948-51.
Southern California industrialist E.M. Smith formed Emsco Aero Engine Co. 1928 to build 1,000-hp diesel, and in 1929 bought Zenith Aircraft to form Emsco Aircraft Corp., Downey (Los Angeles), producing…
Incorporated at Riverdale, MD, 1930, chairman H.A. Berliner and chief engineer Fred. E. Weick. First major product Ercoupe, 1937, notable for pedal-less flight controls. See also Alon.
Division of US War Department, Bureau of Aircraft Production, set up December 1917 on return of Cdr. R.C. Bolling from Europe where his team had investigated possibility of building Americanized…
R.J. Enstrom Corp. formed Menominee, Michigan, 1959 to produce F-28 3-seat helicopter flown as 'breadboard' prototype November 1960. Operations ceased February 1970, but restarted as Enstrom Helicopter Corp. 1971. Since…
Ben T. Epps Jr. built light aircraft 1971.
Cheston L. Eshelman Co. established at former GA/NAA plant Dundalk, MD, early 1942 to produce light aircraft with blended wing/fuselage. FW-5, commonly called Eshelman Wing, flown 1944; smaller Winglet flown…
Evangel Aircraft Corp. incorporated Orange City, Iowa, 1957 to produce tough transport for missionary groups, especially in S. America. Evangel 4500-300 flew June 1964, 7 production aircraft built 1969-74.
Convair design engineer W. Samuel Evans produced Volksplane, simple single-seater, 1967. Since then 5,000+ sets of plans sold for VP-1 and several hundred 2-seat VP-2; today Evans Aircraft, La Jolla,…
Evergreen Air Center, Marana, AZ, major modification centre, especially of powerful aircraft (e.g. bombers) to fire-bombers.
Evergreen Ultralite produce Shadow I and II.
Excalibur Aviation Co. formed by Swearingen October 1970 to manage conversions of Beech Queen Air 65 and 80 to upgraded Queenaire standards.
EXPLORER AIRCRAFT INC Explorer Aircraft Inc was established in Colorado in 1998 to develop and market the Australian-designed Explorer range of single-engined utility aircraft. The company moved to Texas in…
EXPRESS AIRCRAFT COMPANY Assets of former Wheeler Technology Inc, which became bankrupt in late 1990, were acquired by Express Design Inc; EDI resumed production and customer support for former Wheeler…
Fahlin Aircraft Co. produced several light aircraft 1933-6, notably Plymo-Coupe powered by converted Plymouth car engine.
Sherman M. Fairchild, seeking suitable aircraft for photography and survey in 1924, decided to make them himself. Formed Fairchild Aviation Corp. with subsidiaries F. Airplane Manufacturing, F. Aerial Surveys and…
William F. Falck produced Rivets midget racer, raced 1948-63.
Falcon Aircraft Manufacturing Co. established 1958 at Tucson, AZ, to continue production of Baumann Brigadier.
Fanstar partners 1988 designed 4-seat Fanstar 200T derived from RFB Fantrainer.
Farrington Aircraft, Paducah, Kentucky, took over 30 Type 18A 2-seat autogyros from bankrupt Air & Space.
Federal Aircraft Corp. registered San Bernardino 1928, previously called Ryan Mechanics Monoplane Co. and formed by engineers who worked on Ryan NYP. Two products, both similar to NYP in general…
Fernic Airplane Co., Westfield, NJ, built to designs of George Fernic (ex-Romanian AF): T-9 Cruisaire light transport 1929 followed by T-10 smaller test version 1930.
FH-1100 MANUFACTURING CORPORATION The company was formed to return to production the Fairchild Hiller FH-1100 light helicopter, which aim had not been achieved by late 2003.
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