Downer Aircraft Co., previously Northern Aircraft, purchased Bellanca assets at Alexandria, Minnesota, produced Downer Bellanca Cruisemaster from 1957 and Model 260 from 1959. Bought rights to Seabee.
Doyle Aero Corp. set up by Harvey Doyle at Baltimore 1929 to produce Oriole light aircraft.
Doyn Aircraft Inc., Wichita, specialized in uprating light aircraft (Cessna 172/175, Apache) with more powerful engines.
Dragon Fly Aircraft Corp. formed at Chicago 1928 to produce 2-seat parasol monoplane of that name.
Driggs Aircraft Corp. incorporated February 1924 Dayton, Ohio, moving 1927 to Lansing, Michigan. Ivan H. Driggs had built aircraft 1915 and in 1924 Driggs-Johnson DJ-1 Bumblebee monoplane racers. Developed Dart…
Arlington, Texas, company responsible for design and testing of TW-68 tilt-wing aircraft. See also Ishida.
Stanley Dudek built light aircraft 1958.
Dumod Corp. specialized in developments of Beech 18, originally called Infinité I and stretched Infinité II, later Dumod I and II. Rights bought by Broome 1964.
DP-2 twin-turbofan 30/44-passenger aircraft allegedly being built by duPont Aerospace Co., unconnected with chemical giant. Designers recruited 1979, no hardware seen by 1992.
Duramold Aircraft Corp. formed 1936 to develop plastic-bonded piywood construction patented by Col. V.E. Clark (previously designer of Clark aerofoils and Eng. Div. VCP and Gen. Avn. GA.43 aircraft). Built…
Durand Associates, Omaha, produce Mk V metal 2-seat backstagger biplane, plans marketed (88 + sold).
Durant Aircraft Corp. formed Oakland 1919 by Rex Durant to produce Durant-Standard J-1, wartime Standard J-1 trainer reengined with 200-hp Hall-Scott (half Liberty).
Rene Durenleau, Franklin, Vermont, flew A-1 Biddy Buddy single-seat biplane July 1959, plans marketed.
Charles F. Dycer, owner of Dycer Airport, LA, built 90-hp 3-seat biplane 1926 and 160-hp monoplane 1930.
John W. and Jennie Dyke built JD-1 tailless delta 1964, and JD-2 Delta 1966; estimated 360+ Dyke JD-2 building 1992.
Dynac International, NY, announced 1989 it had acquired rights to Lark Commander and planned to produce redesigned versions.
Experimental Aircraft Association Inc., HQ Hales Corners, Wisconsin, has thousands of members in chapters worldwide. Among many services to members from 1955 developed aircraft for home construction, so far: EAA…
Engineers Aircraft Corp. incorporated Stamford, Connecticut, 1929 to produce EAC-1 2-seat monoplane.
EAGLE R&D LTD CO Company founded 23 April 1998 by B J Schramm, originator of the RotorWay kit helicopter programme. Eagle's sales policy for its Helicycle includes mandatory test flying…
Eagle Aircraft Co., Boise, Idaho, reached agreement with Bellanca 1979 to produce latter's Eagle ag-aircraft.
Eagle Helicopter Corp. built prototypes of Eagle II 2-seat helicopter with 235-hp Evinrude V-6 engine blowing air to cold tip jets, and Eagle III with tip-mounted fuel-burning pressure jets (1980).
This corporation at Boca Raton, Florida, flew Jaeger prototype September 1987, with folding tailbooms and choice of short- or long-span wings for high speed or extended gliding.
Earl Aviation Corp., Los Angeles, built small range of 2-seaters 1929-31.
Earthstar Aircraft Inc., Santa Margarita, markets range of microlights and kits for homebuilts (Laughing Gull, Gull II, Ultra Gull).
East Coast Aeronautics, subsidiary of Barium Steel, built 2 XF-80C Shooting Stars using thick magnesium alloy to allow simplified structure.
Division of General Motors formed March 1942 to use several car plants for aircraft production; delivered 1,060 FM-1 and 4,777 FM-2 Wildcats, and 2,882 TBM-1 and 4,664 TBM-3 Avengers.
Eastman Aircraft Corp. was one of those companies gathered up 1929 into Detroit Aircraft; made Flying Yacht, Sea Pirate and other small flying-boats and amphibians at Detroit. Original name (1926)…
Originally Eberhart Steel Products, made wide range of aircraft/armament parts, and 50 SE.5E fighters 1922. Buffalo plant renamed the Eberhart Aeroplane and Motor Co. Inc. 1925, built Iroquois 3-seater and…
Over 5,000 sets of plans sold for Ebershoflf-Steen Skybolt 2-seat aerobatic biplane.
ECLIPSE AVIATION CORPORATION Eclipse Aviation formed May 1998 (as Pronto Aircraft) to market the Eclipse 500, which supersedes the Williams V-Jet II. Eclipse had funding of US$238 million in place…
Ector Aircraft Co., Odessa, Texas, developed L-19 Bird Dog into Mountaineer and Super Mountaineer civil aircraft 1980-90.
Edo Aircraft Corp. incorporated 1925 at College Point, Long Island, producing seaplane floats. Produced 2 US Navy XOSE-1 seaplanes 1946.
William Edwards acquired rights to Spezio Tuholer sporting aircraft 1973.
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