COMMANDER AIRCRAFT COMPANY Company (a division of Aviation General Inc since 1998) acquired manufacturing, marketing and support rights for Rockwell Commander 112 and 114 from Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation in 1988;…
Commercial Aircraft Corp., LA, produced Sunbeam passenger biplane in 1930.
Commuter Aircraft Corp. built light aircraft 1981-3.
Composite Aircraft Corp. formed by Gerald P. Dietrick 1978 to take over Windecker Eagle. No finance for production.
Comtran Ltd, San Antonio, markets Super Q complete modification and upgrade for Boeing 707.
Vero Beach, Florida, holder of plans of Shoestring racer.
Conroy Aircraft Corp. formed at Santa Barbara as successor to Aero Spacelines. Major project CL-44-O flew 26 November 1969; others included turboprop conversions of DC-3 (Turbo Three), Cessna 337 (Stolifter)…
Consolidated Aeronautics Inc. took over Lake 1962, continuing production of LA-4 amphibian.
Future giant was formed as Consolidated Aircraft Corp. by Major Reuben H. Fleet, organizer 1918 of first US air mail service and from 1922 manager of Gallaudet. Dayton-Wright, despite GM…
Continental Inc. formed 1945 to develop Fulton Airphibian roadable aircraft.
Continental Aircraft Corp., Amityville, Long Island, made small numbers of aircraft 1917-19.
Continental Copters Inc. Fort Worth, produced special ag-conversions of Bell 47 and other Bell helicopters 1959-81.
Consolidated-Vultee Aircraft Corp. (Convair) formed March 1943 as unit of Avco, linking Vultee (which incorporated Stinson) with Consolidated, managing 102,000 employees in 13 divisions: San Diego, Fort Worth, Vultee Field…
Cook Aircraft Corp. formed 1968 to develop JC-1 Challenger 4-seater. Two prototypes crashed 1970-72.
Corben Sportplane Co. Madison, Wisconsin, produced Ace, Baby Ace, Junior, Ace and Super Ace 2-seaters 1932-8 with Cirrus or Salmson engine.
R.S. Corcoran Co. produced 65-1 twin-engine biplane ultralight 1967.
Cornelius Aircraft Co. built tailless aircraft with forward-swept wings, notably Mallard 4-seater 1943 and XFG-1 fuel-tank gliders 1945.
Joseph J. Coser and John H. Oonk built CO-2 Our Lady single-seater 1959.
Cosmic Aircraft Corp. marketed F-23 (ex-Funk) ag-aircraft 1970-75.
Doyle Cotter produced Cotter-Funk, re-engined Funk Model B, and supplied kits 1958-63.
Courier Monoplane Co. Incorporated December 1928 to build 2-seat high-wing monoplane of that name.
Cox Aircraft Corp. produced light aircraft 1981-2.
Small company at College Point, Long Island, built aircraft under licence, imported several and also produced own design TW-2 (trainer, water-cooled) for Army 1922. In same year won Navy contract…
Crawford All-Metal Airplane Co. incorporated Los Angeles 1928, built handful of small aircraft with corrugated Dural skin, notably Crawford 65 6-seater.
Crosley Aircraft Co. incorporated Cincinnati 1929, subsidiary of radio corporation, producing C-1 2-seater and C-2 3-seater with interchangeable parts.
Incorporated Rhode Island 1931 by Britons to build Dragonfly experimental twin-engined STOL biplane.
Crown Aircraft Corp. incorporated 1930, division of Crown Motor Carriage Co., produced B-3 sporting biplane.
Crusader Aircraft Corp. formed 1933 and built AF-4 twin-engined 4-seater. Taken over 1935 by American Gyro.
CUB CRAFTERS INC Having rebuilt and restored Piper PA-18 Super Cubs since 1980, Cub Crafters began production of new aircraft in 1999. It currently holds 51 Supplementary type certificates for…
CULP'S SPECIALTIES In addition to producing the Special biplane, Culp's Specialties restores and rebuilds classic aircraft. In 1998, Culp's began building six Monocoupes, and in 2000 announced a Sopwith Pup…
Culver Aircraft Co. formed from Dart Aircraft 1939, moving 1940 from Ohio to Wichita, Kansas. Single product Culver Dart GW, but designer Mooney soon produced Model L, later named Cadet…
Cunningham-Hall Aircraft Corp. formed 1928 at Rochester, NY, concentrating on light civil aircraft: PT-6 6-seat biplane, X-90(N) STOL 2-seater, GA-21M low-wing 2-seater with split trailing edges forming spoilers as well…
Glenn Hammond Curtiss, shy and reserved, was pioneer of aeroplane, formed what became world's largest aircraft company but then after Second World War withered with amazing swiftness almost to nothing.…
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