B-V Aircraft formed at Detroit March 1925 to build CA-3 Airster 2/3-seat biplane, recipient 1927 of Approved Type Certificate No. 1. Verville left 1927, company becoming Buhl.
K. Bunyard Aircraft Co. built small biplane flying-boat 1931, following with 3- and 4-seat amphibian prototypes 1946-7.
Entitled The W. Starling Burgess Co. and Curtis (no relation to Curtiss), this company was formed 1 February 1911. Initially built licensed designs by Farman, Curtiss, Grahame-White, Dunne and Wright,…
Vincent Burnelli helped design various mainly unsuccessful aircraft during First World War, but always harboured dream of making aeroplanes with fuselages which contributed to total lift. In 1920 he formed…
Burns Aircraft Co. built light aircraft 1967-8.
Bush Conversions specialize in tailwheel conversions of nosewheel Cessnas.
One of longest-running homebuilt programmes was launched when Robert W. Bushby flew Midget Mustang 1948; over 400 today and 800 being built. Side-by-side Mustang II flew 1966, over 350 now…
Bushmaster Aircraft Corp., formed August 1970, purchased rights to Bushmaster 2000. Latter was updated Ford Tri-Motor designed by William B. Stout (see Stout) and built by Aircraft Hydro-Forming, flying 1966.…
Formed San Antonio, Texas, July 1963 by merger of Howard with Alamo. Howard subsequently styled Howard Aero Manufacturing Division.
Butler Aircraft Co. built light aircraft 1970-72.
G.N. Butterworth markets plans of 2/3-scale Westland Whirlwind, first flown July 1977.
Cain Aircraft Corp. incorporated at Detroit 1 January 1931 to build Cirrus-engined Cain Sport parasol 2-seater.
Cairns Development Co. October 1928 became Cairns Aircraft Corp. August 1929, flew Model A stressed-skin monoplane April 1930.
California Helicopter International owns rights to S-58T turbine conversion, and delivers complete S-58T helicopters or kits.
Specialize in conversions for surveillance missions.
Members of Call family in Wyoming designed simple utility aircraft for neighbouring farmers and ranchers, 80-hp Model A flown 1940. During war Call Aircraft Co. registered at Afton, but production…
Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory was academic seat of learning, part of Cornell University. Reflecting rapid growth in commercial contracting, changed name 17 November 1972 to Calspan Corp. Largest task at that…
Calypso Airways, division of Calypso Engineering, markets modifications to Piper Tomahawk, including low tailplane.
CAMA Manufacturing Co. built light aircraft 1957-9.
Cameron Iron Works, Galveston, Texas, wanted twin-engined business aircraft and produced conversion of single-engined NAA/Ryan Navion. Flown early 1953, proved so successful it was produced for sale as Camair 480:…
In 1966 all rights to Camair 480 purchased by newly formed Camair Aircraft Corp., Remsenburg, Long Island, aircraft being marketed as Camair Twin Navion (CTN) in versions CTN-A, -B, -C…
CAMERON & SONS AIRCRAFT Cameron Aircraft was formed in 1978. It's P-51 Mustang derivative is the company's first product; parts for the North American AT-6 Texan are also marketed. The…
Cammacorp formed El Segundo (LA) 1977 to manage major rework of DC-8 transports, including replacing engines by CFM56 turbofan, with McDonnell Douglas support. Total conversions 110.
Single prototype XC-12 low-wing stressed-skin transport (2 x 525-hp Cyclone) built 1933 by Safety Aircraft. Designer, funding and builders were Greek.
Capital Aircraft Corp. incorporated Detroit 1928 to produce 2-seat Capital Air Trainer monoplane.
Capital Helicopter Corp. Built light helicopters based on Hoppi-Copter 1954-5.
Capitol Aviation Inc. built Capair light aircraft 1961.
Capitol Copter Corp. built single-seat cabin autogyro 1959.
CARLSON AIRCRAFT INC In addition to the Skycycle and newly added Criquet, Carlson also markets the Sparrow series of ultralight aircraft and a replacement wing for Baby Great Lakes and…
Carma Manufacturing Co. built light aircraft 1957-9.
CAM Special aerobatic monoplane flew 1981.
Walter Carr designed racers 1924 and 1927 and gave own name to 1932 Carr Racer (OX-5, then Warner 110-hp).
Carson Helicopters specialized in rebuilds of Bell and Hiller machines, with more power and (47G) 4 seats.
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