N.O. Brantly began designing B-1 coaxial helicopter 1943, flown 1946. Replaced by simpler B-2, flown 21 February 1953, since mass-produced together with 5-seat Model 305. Successively became division of Lear…
Brantly Helicopter Industries USA formed 8 May 1989, James T. Kimura having purchased rights from Hynes. New company based Vernon, Texas.
Michael K. Hynes acquired all rights to Brantly helicopters and formed Brantly-Hynes Helicopter Inc. 1 January 1975, at original location (Frederick, Oklahoma). Sold rights to Kimura March 1989.
Built 301 Penguin monoplanes for Army 1917 for fast taxi/hop, not flying training.
James Brewster formed company 1810 to make carts, wagons and coaches. Brewster Aeronautical Corp. 1932 built floats and airframe parts. Design began 1934 on carrier-based scout bomber XSBA-1 (15 April…
Bristol Aeronautical Corp. built 2 XLRQ-1 troop-carrying flying-boat gliders 1942.
Ken Brock Manufacturing, division of Santa Ana Metal Stamping, has sold several hundred plans of KB-2 Freedom Machine autogyro.
Arthur L. Brodhead built light aircraft 1972.
Dr Bergon F. Brokaw, with Dr Ernest R. Jones, built Bullet, flown 18 November 1972, said to be fastest 2-seat homebuilt.
Bromon Aircraft Corp. formed 1987 to develop BR2000 twin-turboprop STOL transport, inspired by Ahrens 404 and likewise being built at Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico. Money ran out 1989.
Bought rights to Dumod I and II in 1972.
In 1927 pioneer pilot Lawrence W. 'Larry' Brown built Brown Mercury high-wing monoplane, which was basis for Kreutzer Air Coach. In 1931 he formed Lawrence Brown Aircraft to build racing…
Clarence Brueggemann built light aircraft 1971.
Brunner-Winkle Aircraft Corp., incorporated 1928, built Bird 3-seat biplane.
Leland D. Bryan spent 1955-63 developing roadable aircraft, Bryan 2, folded wings enclosing pusher propeller.
Edward G. Budd Manufacturing Co., famed for stainless steel products, especially railroad cars, built Conestoga stainless-steel cargo aircraft 1943; major contracts cancelled but 17 Navy JRB-3 built.
Carl H. Buecker built light aircraft 1961-2.
W.B. Buethe Enterprises sold 560 sets of plans of Barracuda high-speed sport 2 seater by 1992; about 60 flying.
Buhl Aircraft Co., originally Buhl-Verville, established 1927 at Marysville, Michigan, continued production of versions of CA-3 Airster, followed by CA-5 Airsedan 5-seat cabin biplane. CA-6 was definitive 6-seat version and…
B-V Aircraft formed at Detroit March 1925 to build CA-3 Airster 2/3-seat biplane, recipient 1927 of Approved Type Certificate No. 1. Verville left 1927, company becoming Buhl.
K. Bunyard Aircraft Co. built small biplane flying-boat 1931, following with 3- and 4-seat amphibian prototypes 1946-7.
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