Birdman Inc. marketed kits/plans of TL-1A ultralight (122 lb [55 kg] empty) from 1975.
Ray Bishop produced light aircraft 1972.
BLENNTEC (formerly UPship Corporation) Company renamed BlennTEC in 2003, although UPship retained as airship trademark type name. First to be built will be a two-seat, 32 m (105 ft) example,…
Bob Anderson Sport Aircraft formed 1981 to market light homebuilt.
John Bock marketed Bock II ultralight 1971.
Edward Boden built 15ft-span biplane 1946.
William E. Boeing, Yale graduate and Seattle timber merchant, flew in Curtiss seaplane 1914 and said to Cdr. G. Conrad Westervelt USN, 'I think we could build a better machine'.…
BOEING COMPANY and SIKORSKY AIRCRAFT Boeing and Sikorsky began collaboration on what later became the RAH-66 in June 1985 and received a contract for the demonstration/validation programme in 1991 In…
Little Gee Bee built by George Bogardus said to be first homebuilt to fly across USA, August 1947.
Ralph Bolen built light aircraft 1981.
John Bond built Sky Dancer light autogyro, flown 1973.
Bonney Gull (180-hp Kirkham) experimental monoplane built to test concept of wings which quickly rotated to 90° when wheels touched on landing; flew 4 May 1928, crashed on landing.
Lowell J. Borchers built light aircraft 1981.
Richard R. Borg built light aircraft 1981.
L.L. Bottoms built light aircraft 1966-7.
Eddie and son Curtiss Bounsall built Prospector light aircraft 1982 and Super Prospector 1989.
Bourdon Aircraft Corporation, Hillsgrove, Rhode Island, built 6 Kitty Hawk 2-seaters powered by Ryan-built Siemens (5 May 1928).
Pete Bowers, well-known Boeing engineer, historian and writer, built Fly Baby monoplane 1960; now called Fly Baby 1-A, 4,900 plans sold, over 500 aircraft flown. In 1969 built Fly Baby…
Major glider manufacturer, built CG-7 and CG-8 troopcarrier prototypes 1942.
Kenneth Bowser and Gailard Barker built light aircraft 1958.
Gary Boyd built light aircraft 1982.
Ernie Boyette built light aircraft 1982.
Branson Aircraft, Denver, major modification centre.
N.O. Brantly began designing B-1 coaxial helicopter 1943, flown 1946. Replaced by simpler B-2, flown 21 February 1953, since mass-produced together with 5-seat Model 305. Successively became division of Lear…
Brantly Helicopter Industries USA formed 8 May 1989, James T. Kimura having purchased rights from Hynes. New company based Vernon, Texas.
Michael K. Hynes acquired all rights to Brantly helicopters and formed Brantly-Hynes Helicopter Inc. 1 January 1975, at original location (Frederick, Oklahoma). Sold rights to Kimura March 1989.
Built 301 Penguin monoplanes for Army 1917 for fast taxi/hop, not flying training.
James Brewster formed company 1810 to make carts, wagons and coaches. Brewster Aeronautical Corp. 1932 built floats and airframe parts. Design began 1934 on carrier-based scout bomber XSBA-1 (15 April…
Bristol Aeronautical Corp. built 2 XLRQ-1 troop-carrying flying-boat gliders 1942.
Ken Brock Manufacturing, division of Santa Ana Metal Stamping, has sold several hundred plans of KB-2 Freedom Machine autogyro.
Arthur L. Brodhead built light aircraft 1972.
Dr Bergon F. Brokaw, with Dr Ernest R. Jones, built Bullet, flown 18 November 1972, said to be fastest 2-seat homebuilt.
Bromon Aircraft Corp. formed 1987 to develop BR2000 twin-turboprop STOL transport, inspired by Ahrens 404 and likewise being built at Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico. Money ran out 1989.
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