Donald S. Wolf produced W-11 Boredom Fighter biplane (30 August 1979), 130 being built by late 1986.
Steve Wolf built ultralight 1986.
William H. Wolf built light sporting aircraft 1981.
Wolfe Aviation Co. built ultralights from 1985.
Charles A. Wood produced single-seat high-wing Little Monster (5 July 1955), having designed since 1917.
Stanley Wood produced SL-1 Formula V racer (8 June 1973).
Market plans and prefab parts of CJ-3D Cracker Jack light single-seat high-wing monoplane (6 October 1982).
Harris L. Woods, Niagara Falls, had by 1969 designed and built 13 types of fixed- and rotating-wing aircraft and air-cushion vehicles, best-known being Woody Pusher tandem-seat parasol monoplane. In 1970…
O.L. Woodson designed aircraft from 1912. Formed Woodson Aircraft Corp. January 1926 at Bryan, Ohio, to produce Express biplane for mail or cargo (150- or 180-hp Wright-Hispano). Built 18, plus…
Wren Aircraft Corp., Fort Worth, formed to produce Wren 460 STOL conversions of Cessna 182 (January 1963), showing dramatic low-speed behaviour; 33 conversions by 1966. Work ceased, but new Wren…
Brothers Orville and Wilbur Wright flew gliders from October 1900 and powered Flyers from 17 December 1903. Sold Type A to US Army September 1908, gradually putting this model into…
WTA Inc., Lubbock, TX, acquired from Piper rights to PA-18-150 Super Cub and PA-36 New Brave, producing 250 of former 1982-6, plus 150 of latter.
Yackey Aircraft, Forest Park, Illinois, built Liberty-engined transports based on Breguet Br XIV c1924.
George Yates, Portland, Oregon, built series of 2-seaters from 1930, initially 90-hp Cirrus, then 100-hp Menasco. Followed single-seat parasol with 45-hp Salmson.
BIPLANES OF YESTERYEAR LLC Having won several awards and mentions for his evocation of a First World War German biplane fighter, Mr Cowgill launched a production kit version in 2003.
York Research Corp. formed probably 1945 at NY City; chief engineer E. Brush produced Airmobile Model IIX (sic) Commuter 4-seater with 2 x 114-hp Franklin (1946).
Leon York, Midland, TX, produced June Bug low-wing sport single-seater (November 1954).
Jim Younkin built replica Travel Air Mystery S racer (March 1979).
Zenith Aircraft Corp. formed 1927 at Santa Ana, CA, to produce 2 substantial commercial aircraft: Zenith Biplane, 5-passenger, 220-hp, and Albatross monoplane for 12 passengers (3 x 125-hp); latter tried…
ZENITH AIRCRAFT COMPANY Zenith Aircraft Company has acquired all rights to manufacture and sell the Canadian Zenair range of light aircrafts kits. By the end of 2002, over 2,700 kits…
Formed 1933 by renaming Lenart, continued limited production of PT-2 tandem-cockpit trainer/tourer.
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