AVIPRO AIRCRAFT LTD At AirVenture 2003, AviPro launched a kitbuilt version of the previously plans-only Bearhawk. The first set of components was shipped from the company's factory at Atlixco, Mexico,…
AVOCET AIRCRAFT LLC Avocet Aircraft LLC was formed in 2002 to develop a new-generation light jet. On 4 August 2003, Avocet and Israel Aircraft Industries signed an MoU leading to…
Seattle firm trying with others to market updated Temco TT-1 Super Pinto trainer in China as T-100 Super Mustang.
Avtek Corp. formed 1982 to develop 400A canard twin-turboprop (17 September 1984); investors major firms in Denmark, Finland, Germany, Japan, USA. See also EuroAvtek.
Donald E. Aydlett briefly (1965-6) builder of light aircraft.
Ayres Corp. purchased rights to Rockwell Thrush ag-aircraft 1977 and has since produced piston and turbine versions; Vigilante armed surveillance aircraft abandoned. See also Thrush Aircraft Inc.
B&B Aviation built ultralight 1983.
Developed light side-by-side monoplane 1935, used post-war as basis for Bartlett.
Business Air Craft Corp. formed July 1963 by merger of Howard and Alamo Aviation. Lost identity 1967.
Bach Air Transport was high-wing 8-passenger airliner (3 P&W or Wright engines) built in small series 1928-9.
Al Backstrom produced ultralight 1977.
Erle L. Bacon Corp. built grossly modified 'Super AT-6' 1977.
Built Avicar BF-8 light aircraft 1942.
Gerald Bakeng, Edmonds, Washington, built and flew Duce tandem-seat parasol monoplane 1970, followed by 220-hp Double Duce biplane in 1972.
Gil Baker, engineer with Chevrolet, built and flew BCA-1-3 2-seat amphibian May 1968.
Marion Baker, flight mechanic at Wright-Patterson AFB, built and flew MB-1 single-seat delta sporting aircraft July 1960.
Gary Baldwin completed ASP-XJ (armed surveillance and patrol, experimental jet) in 1989.
Briefly acquired assets of Orenco to continue production.
Ball-Bartoe Aircraft Corp., Boulder, Colorado, produced JW-1 Jetwing research aircraft flown July 1977.
Lester J. Bannick built Model T Copter, light autogyro, 1963; Models VW and C followed 1964-8.
Walter Baritsky built light aircraft 1967.
Arthur Barker built B-2 ultralight 1971.
Barkley-Grow Aircraft Corp. incorporated 1935 to produce T8P-1 metal stressed-skin monoplane transport (2 Wasp Junior) with wheels, skis or floats.
Barnett Rotorcraft have flown series of autogyros, available as plans or kits.
Company markets plans and kits for 3 versions of Baby Lakes sporting biplane scaled down from Great Lakes designed by Oldfield.
BARR AIRCRAFT Barr Aircraft was formed in 1958 and holds supplemental type certificates for the Piper PA-12, PA-14, PA-20 and PA-22 series of aircraft and is presently developing the BarrSix.…
Formed by Dr W.B. Buethe to take over Barracuda from Jeffair.
Barrett Aircraft Corp., lightplane builder 1982.
Bartlett Aircraft Corp. formed 1945 to develop pre-war Babcock into Blue Zephyr, later produced in refined form as LC-13A Zephyr 150.
Wayne F. Barton of Colorado built Sylkie One high-performance 2-seater, flown 1975.
Basler Turbo Conversions market conversion of DC-3 to PT6A power.
Batwing Aircraft Corp. built 2-seat tailless monoplane (pusher Pobjoy) 1935.
Formerly with Lockheed, J.B. Baumann formed Baumann Aircraft Corp. at Pasadena 1945. His cousin flew B-250 Brigadier 5-seater (2 x 125-hp pusher Continental) June 1947. Later had 145-hp engines.
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