Seattle firm trying with others to market updated Temco TT-1 Super Pinto trainer in China as T-100 Super Mustang.
Avtek Corp. formed 1982 to develop 400A canard twin-turboprop (17 September 1984); investors major firms in Denmark, Finland, Germany, Japan, USA. See also EuroAvtek.
Donald E. Aydlett briefly (1965-6) builder of light aircraft.
Ayres Corp. purchased rights to Rockwell Thrush ag-aircraft 1977 and has since produced piston and turbine versions; Vigilante armed surveillance aircraft abandoned. See also Thrush Aircraft Inc.
B&B Aviation built ultralight 1983.
Developed light side-by-side monoplane 1935, used post-war as basis for Bartlett.
Business Air Craft Corp. formed July 1963 by merger of Howard and Alamo Aviation. Lost identity 1967.
Bach Air Transport was high-wing 8-passenger airliner (3 P&W or Wright engines) built in small series 1928-9.
Al Backstrom produced ultralight 1977.
Erle L. Bacon Corp. built grossly modified 'Super AT-6' 1977.
Built Avicar BF-8 light aircraft 1942.
Gerald Bakeng, Edmonds, Washington, built and flew Duce tandem-seat parasol monoplane 1970, followed by 220-hp Double Duce biplane in 1972.
Gil Baker, engineer with Chevrolet, built and flew BCA-1-3 2-seat amphibian May 1968.
Marion Baker, flight mechanic at Wright-Patterson AFB, built and flew MB-1 single-seat delta sporting aircraft July 1960.
Gary Baldwin completed ASP-XJ (armed surveillance and patrol, experimental jet) in 1989.
Briefly acquired assets of Orenco to continue production.
Ball-Bartoe Aircraft Corp., Boulder, Colorado, produced JW-1 Jetwing research aircraft flown July 1977.
Lester J. Bannick built Model T Copter, light autogyro, 1963; Models VW and C followed 1964-8.
Walter Baritsky built light aircraft 1967.
Arthur Barker built B-2 ultralight 1971.
Barkley-Grow Aircraft Corp. incorporated 1935 to produce T8P-1 metal stressed-skin monoplane transport (2 Wasp Junior) with wheels, skis or floats.
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