Waterhouse Aircraft Inc. formed by William Waterhouse and Lloyd Royer at Glendale, LA, 1928, building Romair biplane with 2 open cockpits, followed by Cruzair 3-seat monoplane.
In 1919 Waldo Waterman established W.D. Waterman Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Venice, LA, to design and build Gosling for Mercury. Waterman became designer/pilot for Bach, then manager Van Nuys Airport, finally…
Watkins Airplane Co., Wichita, produced small series of Skylark low-wing 2-seater with 60-hp Le Blond engine from 1930.
Gary Watson formed Watson Windwagon Co., Newcastle, TX, to market kits/plans of simple all-metal GW-1 Windwagon ultralight (19 April 1977).
Raymond Weatherley and William Campbell formed company pre-1946 at Dallas, TX, producing Colt high-wing 4-seater designed by Luscombe.
WEATHERLY AIRCRAFT COMPANY Weatherly developed conversion of Fairchild M-62 in the early 1960s for agricultural role, and later designed and built the Model 201. Further refinement of the design resulted…
James Wedell was principal of Wedell-Williams Air Service Corp., Patterson, Louisiana, fixed-base operator. Built succession of low-wing braced monoplane racers 1928-33, notably 1930 Cirrus Racer, NR-54Y (Wasp) for Roscoe Turner…
Really micros, but classic design (reminiscent of 1907 Demoiselle) was 23rd by John F. Chotia; formed Weedhopper of Utah 1978—85, over 600 kits supplied, assets taken over by Weedhopper Inc.,…
Kermit Weeks built light sporting aircraft 1981.
Ralph M. Wefel built modified HM-360 (Mignet Pou) 1963.
F. Weick did not form company but took out several patents for foolproof aeroplane unable to stall/spin. In 1933 built W-1, modified 1935 as W-1A, high-wing twin-boom 2-seat, pusher Pobjoy,…
Orin Welch built training biplanes (about 10) for his W. Virginia flying school 1927-30. Then moved to South Bend, Indiana, to produce simplest 2-seater; result, about 65 OW high-wing cabin…
Eugene W. Wells, Hawaii, built Shama 'WW1' 2-seat biplane (August 1983).
George T. Welsh, Long Beach, built small run of Model A Welsh Rabbit (12 November 1965) high-wing cabin single-seater, followed by Model B 2-seat version with nosewheel instead of tailwheel.
Wendt Aircraft Corp. registered January 1939 in New York to build W-2 Swift high-wing 2-seater (90-hp Le Blond or Warner Scarab Junior), radial often retrofitted.
Wendt Aircraft Engineering, La Mesa, CA, produced WH-1 Traveler low-wing tandem 2-seat cabin monoplane (15 March 1972); 70 sets of plans sold by 1980.
Joseph K. Wesley, Somerset, KY, built 15ft-span Special sport biplane (25 November 1957).
West Virginia Aircraft Co. formed at Wheeling 1919, produced at least 3 C-3 3-seat triplanes (150-hp Wright-Hispano).
Western Aircraft Corp., San Antonio, TX, produced Westair 204 high-speed 4-seater (November 1982), kits marketed.
Western Airplane Corp. formed at Chicago 1929 to build yet another 3-seat biplane with OX-5 engine.
Oregon company which since 1986 has marketed Hawk, modified from McDD 500D helicopters.
Miles Westfall produced light aircraft 1977.
World Flight Inc., Cleveland, Ohio, formed by James Bede to develop BD-2 Love One (see Javelin) and attempt round-world non-stop.
Vascoe Whatley Jr., S. Carolina, built Special single-seat open biplane based on Gere Sport (23 June 1981).
Ken Wheeler formed Wheeler Aircraft Co. to build Express high-speed 4-seater, even prototype built from kit of pre-moulded parts (28 July 1987). Company restructured as Wheeler Technology Inc., Washington, marketing…
Arthur G. Whitacre built sporting aircraft 1965.
Whitcraft Corp. produced light aircraft 1974.
White Aircraft Co. formed by Burd S. and Harold L. White, Des Moines, Iowa, 1917, engaged in subcontract and repair, but produced Humming Bird 2/3-seat biplane 1926.
White Aircraft Inc. formed 1939 at Buffalo, NY, by Donald G. White to produce modified (ex-Argonaut) Pirate.
E. Marshall White, Huntington Beach, CA, produced Der Jäger single-seat sport biplane (7 September 1969), 100+ flying.
William T. White, Dallas, TX, built Longhorn low-wing single-seater (June 1967).
White Lightning Aircraft Corp. formed S. Carolina to produce high-speed 4-seater of that name (8 March 1986); despite graphite/glassfibre structure 39 aircraft and 32 kits by January 1992.
Whittlesey Manufacturing Co. formed August 1929 at Bridgeport, Connecticut, to build Avro Avian, but only C.12 before Depression.
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