TYPE: Regional jet airliner.

PROGRAMME: In September 2001, Antonov revealed that it was working on the design of an 80-seat, twin-jet (Progress D-36-5AF), 1,349 n mile (2,500 km; 1,533 mile) range airliner. Configuration is similar to the An-74T-300; stretched and shrunk versions are also planned.
The first of three (two flying; one static) Antonov-built prototypes was stated to be under construction at Kharkov by early 2002, with series manufacture planned to be by KhGAPP at Kharkov and Ulan-Ude's UUAP; Antonov and UUAP signed agreement for licensed production in February 2002. Ukrainian participants include Motor Sich and ZhEDB Progress.
Fuselage removed from jigs 28 February 2003. First flight planned for late 2003, followed by AP-25 certification in 2004 and deliveries in 2005.

CURRENT VERSIONS: An-148: Baseline version; 75 passengers and range of 1,349 n miles (2,500 km; 1,553 miles), or 2,753 n miles (5,100 km; 3,169 miles) with reduced payload.
An-148-100: Stretched version for 90 to 100 passengers.
An-148C: Cargo version.
An-148D: Long-range (dalnyy) version; 40 to 55 passengers over 3,779 n miles (7,000 km; 4,349 miles); additional fuel tanks in cabin.
An-148SD: Extra-long-range (sverkhdalnyy); range 5,939 n miles (11,000 km; 6,835 miles).
An-148T: Military transport with rear loading ramp.
An-148VIP: Executive transport; between 10 and 30 passengers; range 5,399 n miles (10,000 km; 6,213 miles).

CUSTOMERS: Volga-Dnepr letter of intent for three signed October 2002, anticipating delivery in 2005-06. Aeroflot lease agreement for 30 An-74s will be transferred to An-148.

COSTS: US$15 million to US$20 million (2002 estimate).

DESIGN FEATURES: Generally as for Antonov An-74. Wing developed by KhGAPP.

POWER PLANT: Two progress (ZMKB) D436-148 turbofans, each of 58.8 kN (13,227 lb st).

AVIONICS: Two-crew cockpit with five-screen display by Aviapribor.